The purpose of couples therapy is to combat any friction between the couple. The therapy typically includes a married couple but unmarried partners of different types can also seek counselling to bring back or maintain harmony. Alternatively, this form of counselling can also be beneficial to a couple that is looking to get married - when this type of therapy is performed, it is considered to be premarital counselling. Premarital therapy helps engaged couples address relationship issues before marriage and gives them the tools to solve problems that may arise during the union.

What to expect

Couples will typically begin the first counselling session by completing paperwork and exploring the necessary information to continue with the counselling effectively. Your psychologist, Amy Gorven, will usually discuss privacy practices, sessions, fees information, rights and responsibilities. In some cases, you may need to complete an assessment or answer questions about your relationship and your expectations or goals you wish to achieve.

What kind of issues can be addressed?

  • Differences in expectations.
  • Jealousy issues.
  • Chronic health problems.
  • Mental health concerns.
  • Conflict and anger problems.
  • Financial problems.
  • Parenting.
  • Loss of employment.

Benefits of couples counselling

  • Negotiate and reestablish commitments: Over time, commitments can get lost or change as we get older or acquire new responsibilities.
  • Improve communication: The loss of clear and healthy communication in relationships is often the root of most problems. It is essential that it is reestablished.
  • Better manage a divorce: Divorce often involves assets, children and family. Counselling can help ensure that the separation happens as smoothly as possible.
  • Build self-esteem: When a partner has low self-esteem in a romantic relationship, it infiltrates into different areas of the relationship which causes problems.
  • Make you happier: When differences are ironed out as peacefully as possible, there is limited friction and more understanding and harmony which translates into happiness.

Marriage or couples counselling is an effective way for couples of all kinds to reduce or resolve conflict in their relationship. It is also an excellent way to learn new communication skills to help you interact with each other in healthy, confident and adaptive techniques. Completing the counselling program often helps couples strengthen their relationship and build a solid foundation for their future together. Should you wish to seek couples counselling, please contact Amy Gorven today.