Life can be tough when you’re feeling low, anxious, isolated or disempowered. The experience can be distressing and confusing. It can also be difficult for the people around you, who naturally will be worried too. Getting useful help and support is critical to maintaining a healthy mind. Without therapy, many people turn to harmful habits.

Group therapy is a highly effective form of treatment. It may be experienced as less intimidating that individual therapy, and can be a good way to start the process of therapy. Joining a therapy group provides the opportunity to connect with people who may have similar difficulties to you, and who (with the help of a trained psychologist) may be able to provide unique feedback and insights to you.

Amy helps the group by providing a safe, confidential and supportive setting to address difficulties. You will get to know and trust fellow group members. The groups work together to think about problems and how they can be best managed or resolved. So you will not have to try to solve everything on your own.

Group therapy is a long-standing psychological treatment service. The objective is not to prevent pain and trouble in the future, but build up a resistance so that you become more able to cope with the problems and frustrations that life will throw at you. Amy Gorven provides short and long-term group therapy for a wide variety of problems. For effective group therapy, contact us now to book your first consultation.